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Found this in a folder of stuff I bulk-downloaded, not knowing what the file was. Needless to say I'd get a big fright from the atmosphere! great job man.

dude please don't commit bullet brain

Nice little horror game. I like games like these, you don't really understand what is happening and you expect a jumpscare. But nothing, it is mysterious and that makes it scary. 

The graphics are pretty nice, i have never heard of the engine of this game but it seems really intresting.

Yeah the game looks like LOSTBOY (google that if you don't know, it's hillarious). The thing is, lostboy is actually scary the first time you play. You expect a jumpscare and something scary, but you get nothing. And that is truly scary.

Not sure how to explain or describe this game,  depressing would be the best word I suppose. It's a good game, depressing but good. Just know, that people do care, regardless of if you realize it or not.

I played this. I enjoyed it. Not much else to say.