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You wake up in a cold and unfamiliar place
They have chosen you
You will become their next vessel
Don't let them take you
A faceless eternity awaits


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The idea of a dark, doom-like shooter with an unique artstyle is great, but it has some issues. The enemies with shotguns are too dark that they are impossible to detect without getting shot. The mana bar fills up too slow and there aren't enough throwing stars so you are oftenly left unarmed. But it's still a great game and would be better if improved.

this is a really incredible thing. perfectly suited to your visual style.  everything feels so oppressive and evil, like playing these kinds of games as a kid. What did you use to make the sprites?  The art in general is extremely well done and feels "natural"

Wierd game but I really like the atmoshphere. Please subscribe my channel to support me as well!

Pretty cool game. I dig it. Some parts are really dark though. I couldn't even see the enemies shooting me half the time. Also, the mana recharges soooo slow. There were times that i just stood at a door for like 2min, waiting for it to recharge before proceeding. I still had fun though. 

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cool ..like dark retro